3 Months – 1 Year Old
Photo Session


  • If grandparents would like to join photo session, there is extra $20/per person applied.  

Baby only $300

1.5 hours session

  • 1 styled setup of props and background for baby + baby’s outfit provided
  • 6 photos for fine edition by client’s choice
  • About 20 – 40 original photos deliver to client

Package A $480

2.5 hours session

  • 1 styled setups of props and backgrounds for baby+ baby’s outfit provided  

  • Photos with parent and siblings  

  • 12 photos for fine edition by client’s choice 
  • About 40 – 80 original photos deliver to client

Package B $ 680

3.5 hours session

  • 2 styled setups of props and backgrounds for baby  
  • Photos with parent and siblings  
  • 18 photos for fine edition by client’s choice 
  • About 80 – 100 original photos deliver to client

Some Advice For Mums

For 3 months – 4 months old baby

Many months would like to have photo sessions for baby when they are 3 months old, please be advised that the better time to take photos is from 4 months rather than 3 months old. You might ask why is that? Because a 3 months old baby can do pictures mostly by lying down, eventhough  they can sit up for a while with support, but still not steady. When they lie on their tummies, they can only lift up their head for very short time often cannot lift very high to let the photographer to frame baby’s face in the best position, if we keep baby in a same position for photographing, they will be very tired and burst to cry. Therefore, 4 months old is much better than 3 months old when you consider to have photo session for your baby.

For 6 months – 1 year old baby

All mums would know their baby very well. If your baby is easily cry and feel insecured in a different eviorment rather than home, I hope you can consider to have the door to door service, so we can do the photo session at your home.

During photo session, baby will be placed or seat on props with desinged background, parents will be stayed away in short distance. When baby feeling insecured, they will cry all the way and they will crawl out of props to reach to parents. After the session, you might get most of the photos with a crying baby which could make you feel dispointed.

Therefore, I am highly recommend you to pay a bit more for door to door service which will be charged depending on the distance of your home, so your baby can have photos taken in their familier enviorment, eventhough parents are staying a short distance away during photo session, they won’t feel insecured and crying for comforts and hugs.

About Booking

  1. Please let us know what package you have chosen, provide us your full name and email.
  2. We will send you a contract of photo session to your email, please read through.
  3. Sign the contract then send it back to us via email, you can take a photo of the signing page then sent it to us via email.
  4. $100 deposit needs to be paid, our account details located on right conner of every page. Please reference the customer number we provided to you, and please send us a screen shot of transection.
  5. We will organise the date and time with you.
  6. Please talk to us about the colour of clothing you want to prepare for family members, so we can prepare a background to match your colour theme. We advise that the clothing better without any letter’s print or cartoon’s print.

Add On

About Fine edition
All other images for fine edition which more than the package has included, will cost $25/ per image
About make up for adults
Makeup and hair are not included, If you would need makeup and hair service, we can refer makeup artist to you, so you can contact her directly for pricing.
Door to Door Service
My home studio is located at Ermington 2115,or I can come to your home for photo session. There is a travel fee applied.

Free for distance within 5km from Eastwood or Ermington

Over 5km    $20               Over 10km   $40             

Over 15km  $60               Over 20km   $80             

Over 25km  $100             Over 30km   $120           

Over 35km  $140             Over 40Km  $160            

Over 45km  $180            No service more than 50 km

  1. All packages are provided outfits for baby only, clients need to prepare all clothing for all family members who going to attend the photo session.
  2. 4-7 days after photo session, client will receive a link to download original photos. Please copy and paste the link in browser, after download finished, please save up your photos.
  3. Fine edition takes 2-3 weeks, then we will send another download link to client, please save your fine edited photos after downloaded.
  4. All original photos and fine edition are delivered to client in high resolution JPG format.
  5. Photo album will take 4-6 weeks, The printing company’s stock may affected by global shortage and shipping delate these days.

Optional Service

Goddess Mum and baby , extra cost $180
Makeup and hair not included, please contact makeup artist for makeup service

Provide 1 outfit for Mum
4 fine edited photos by client’s choice
About 20-30 original photos deliver to client
What you need prepare:
  1. Black bra and under pant, any kind but needs to be firm fit.
  2. Nude colour strapless bra and under pant, the cups need to be firm fit and firm material made, so it can do some support for fabrics as picture 3 demonstrated.
  3. A pair of sandal high heels
What Daddy should prepare:
  1. A set of light or neutral colour clothing
  2. A set of dark colour clothing

The Print Products

Ins Styled print Album

Large Album (21x 21cm) $180

Other print products

Canvas with wooden frame (Black White Timber)

Other sizes: 60x40cm ($200) / 75x50cm ($240) / 90x60cm ($280) / 100x75cm ($320)

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